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    SpreadJS provides extensive support for inserting one-hundred-and-eighty-two types of built-in shapes and various types of custom shapes in the worksheets in order to enhance data visualization and improve dynamic interaction with the information lying in rows and columns.

    Typically, shapes refers to drawing objects that represent geometric figures. You can add different shapes including squares, circles, rectangles and triangles, callouts, stars, banners, smileys, block arrows, equation shapes, flowcharts and shapes with formulas to the worksheets either by using any of the built-in shapes or by creating your own custom shapes. You can also add text in the inserted shapes and style it to provide an aesthetic appeal to your worksheets while also making them look extremely professional.

    SpreadJS provides support for three different kind of shapes: Basic shapes, Connector shapes and Group shapes.

    Further, you can add text in the inserted shapes, format shape layout and apply style to the embedded shapes (fill color, font size, horizontal and vertical alignment, border color and line width etc.) as per your requirements. Moreover, you can customize the shape attributes which includes rotating, resizing and adjusting the rotation handle; defining and adding the connection points for connector shapes and customizing the border of the shape.

    You can work with shapes in the following ways:

    Note: In order to integrate shapes in the worksheet, users need to reference the file: gc.spread.sheets.shapes.*.*.*.js